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Some how I don't think the photographer is too unhappy having you at his mercy! I know I wouldn't be.

This is incredible, Amanda. Oh, to have you at my mercy would be the loveliest night of my life. The amount of teasing and foreplay would be unsustainable. Just like the raging erection this gave me. The thought of having you bound and all to myself is making my head spin with endless possibilities, each one making me harder than the previous one :D. You certainly were, you stole my heart and robbed my mind of all innocent thoughts, but I forgive you.Although a spanking is definitely in order :) You'd be in big trouble like that. I'd say after you'd never be naughty again, but you would, next day, just to get the same punishment ;) Just when I thought you could outdo your previous pics.Even your "naughty" is absolutely breathtaking.